In-house pathology and diagnostic services for all animals, large and small.

The Warwick Vet Clinic is fully equipped with an in-house pathology laboratory and the latest in diagnostic technology.


We perform many pathology tests and procedures onsite to provide prompt and accurate diagnosis, ensuring immediate treatment of critically ill animals 24 hours a day.

Routine haematology, biochemistry, electrolyte analysis and blood gas, as well as coagulation profiles are done ‘in house’ with support from our referral clinical pathologist Dr Sue Beetson. Each year the clinic undertakes pathology training with Dr Beetson to improve our skills in diagnostics.

We partner with QML and DPI lab services who provide a comprehensive range of test procedures for small and large animals, with results emailed to clients for rapid turnaround times of critical information.

Our Pathology & Diagnostic Services Include

· In-house blood machines
· Digital radiography
· Ultrasonography (pregnancy and soft tissue changes)
· Pulse oximetry and blood pressure monitoring during surgical procedures
· Viral Antigen testing
· Laparoscopic biopsy and otoscopy
· Cytology (with images emailed to specialist for second opinion)
· A range of diagnostic tests can also be performed in the field with the animal



For further advice on our extensive pathology and diagnostic services, contact the professional team at the Warwick Vet Clinic.



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