Get access to the best veterinary care and advice for your livestock.

Whether your animals are pets, or part of a large stud or commercial farm, we pride ourselves on providing complete and responsive on-farm care and advice.


Our professional and highly experienced large animal team is led by Dr Chris Reardon. Following graduation, Dr Reardon started work at the Warwick Vet Clinic, gaining valuable experience from the previous partners, Drs Ken Wells and Graeme Garde, who had collectively over 70 years’ experience in the practice. Today, he owns the company and employs a staff of 11 across three clinics, servicing the mixed veterinary needs of the southern Darling Downs of Queensland.

Since May 2013, Chris has been one of nine company directors of the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA), the national association representing over 9,000 veterinary members in Australia, working in all areas of animal science, health and welfare. Chris’ previous involvement with the vet industry association includes: President, Darling Downs Branch; Secretary and President of Equine Veterinarians Australia (EVA); Member, AVA-EVA Hendra Virus Task Force; and Member of ASAVA, ACV and EVA.

Chris has also assisted with the examination process for students undertaking their Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Science examinations in Equine Medicine.



Our large animal ambulatory service provides mobile x-ray, ultrasound, portable blood analysis machines, and surgical equipment for performing equine and farm animal medical and surgical procedures. All pregnancy diagnostic work on cattle can be performed by ultrasound for earlier detection time, foetal sexing, and determination of twins.



The Warwick Vet Clinic performs equine work at our dedicated horse facility located at the Morgan Park Polocrosse grounds. The yards include a loading ramp for trucks, covered yards, and a purpose-built vet crush for ease of work and safety for horse and handler.




· Routine vaccinations and worming advice
· Dentistry (with Powerfloat)
· Disease control (colic treatments and respiratory work ups)
· Toxicology investigation
· Microchipping and identification for the ASB
· Reproduction & breeding management
· Postnatal care of foals
· Tendon ultrasound
· Nutritional advice
· Behavioural problem investigations
· Lameness examinations
· Infertility investigation



· Farm consultation and advice over the phone
· Calving’s/caesareans
· Mastitis prevention
· Herd health visits
· Pregnancy testing (including ACV tail tags)
· Bull testing and semen collection
· Custom collection of bull semen for freezing
· Feedlot advice
· Post mortem investigation
· Disease surveillance
· Farmer discussion seminars
· Biosecurity and J-BAS advice



· Farm consultations and advice over the phone
· General medicine and surgery
· Pregnancy testing
· DNA sampling for stud books
· Ovine brucellosis accreditations
· Caprine arthritis encephalitis accreditations
· Semen collection
· Alpaca castrations



For further advice on the health care of your livestock or to arrange on-site treatment, contact the professional team at the Warwick Vet Clinic.




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