Owning a horse is a big investment and takes a lot of time and money.  Before you buy a horse, you should make sure you have found one that fits with your personality, and is suitable for your needs.


If you take the time and effort to find the right horse, you can look forward to a long and happy relationship. Here’s a few tips from our equine team to help you enjoy your new horse:

1. Horses can be expensive  

To maintain excellent upkeep of your new horse, you will need to budget for the following expenses:

• Stable
• Horse food
• Proper tack (saddle and bridle)
• Regular vet visits
• De-worming
• Vaccinations
• Regular farrier visits
• Emergency treatment
• Riding lessons
• Training
• Equipment and supplies
• Transportation costs (if you do not own a horse float)

2. Finding a suitable place to keep your horse

Keeping your horse on your own or rented land should only be done by knowledgeable and experienced horse people. Horse livery/boarding yards are a more suitable option for a first-time horse owner. Keep in mind that the high-quality boarding yards do book out quickly so make sure to get in early and reserve a space.

3. Providing adequate fencing

If you plan to have your horse at your house, have an expert help you plan the fencing for the horse paddock. Make sure the fencing is secure, taller than 1.5 metres, and that there is no wire or other objects the horse can injure itself on. Ensure you have an adequate water container to supply large amounts of water and a separate feed dish away from the water.

4. Horse management

Learn all you can about horse management, including basic horse health and equine first aid.

5. Local horse facilities

We are lucky to have a number of reputable boarding facilities, tack shops, feed stores, farmers that produce hay, vet clinics, and farriers are in the Warwick area. The Warwick Vet Clinic also provides a 24 hour, 7 day a week large animal ambulatory service for on-farm visits or at our horse facility located at Morgan Park.



If you have any concerns about your new horse or would like some helpful horse care advice, contact our equine specialists at the Warwick Vet Clinic.




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