The Warwick Vet Clinic has had a long relationship with local horse breeders, trainers, farriers, and horse owners all of whom work closely with our team of veterinarians to provide quality care to livestock.

From advice for purchasing a new horse to reproduction and foal care, our team of equine veterinarians have put together a range of health care advice to help you make sure your horse stays healthy and in peak performance.


New Horse

Here’s some helpful tips for new horse owners more

Horse Health

From microchipping your horse to vaccinations, oral more

Horse Breeding

The Warwick Vet Clinic routinely performs artificial more

Horse Diseases

Controlling strangles in horses and equine herpesvirus. more

Horse Lameness

There are many causes of lameness in horses. To determine more

Foal Care

Our equine veterinary team at the Warwick Vet Clinic more

Hendra Virus

Hendra Virus is a rare, sporadic, endemic, notifiable more

Horse Behaviour

The causes of behaviour problems will differ for each more


The Warwick Vet Clinic performs equine work at our dedicated horse facility at the Morgan Park Polocrosse grounds and provides a 24hr, 7 day a week ambulatory service for on-farm visits.


We offer a comprehensive range of equine services with state of the art equipment including:

Eklin III - Digital Radiography
Digital x-rays offer a fast, efficient way to generate radiograph examination for lameness examines and prepurchase examination. They can be taken in the field and the owner is able to keep digital copies for their own records.

Tendon Ultrasound
Ultrasound images can be used to diagnose lesions in tendons and synovial areas after injury and give a guide to the rate and extent of tissue repair. Images can be stored for comparison during healing of tears

Dentals with Powerfloat
The best method to remove sharp enamel points from the edge of cheek teeth and to treat problematic mouths in older horses is to use a Powerfloat. With sedation, the whole mouth is examined using a mouth gag and light source to detect ulcers within the mouth and sharp spurs on teeth.

Reproduction and AI
The clinic routinely services stud mares in commercial operations as well as standardbred and pleasure horse owners with fresh and frozen semen AI programs.

Endoscopic evaluation
Poor race performance and excessive sounds production can be investigated using an endoscope to examine the upper respiratory tract and the windpipe. Endoscopy can also be used to investigate causes of nasal discharge and coughing in your horse.

Blood Test
In house blood tests can be performed at the clinic or stall side to analyses performance and sick horses.



For further advice on the health care of your horse, contact the professional equine specialists at the Warwick Vet Clinic.





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