Teaching the next generation of vets by paying it forward.

December 17, 2018

For a long time, the Warwick Vet Clinic has hosted university undergraduate vet students during their extramural placement work. Clinical placement is a vital part of the veterinary science degree. It provides an opportunity for students to transition into the veterinary profession and allows them to experience and explore different communities; especially those in rural and regional areas.

The Warwick Vet Clinic values students and takes our obligation to give back to the profession seriously. Some tangible ways we assist students during their course placement is with accommodation and with fuel vouchers to assist the cost of travel.

Giving students the opportunities we had when learning helps to take some of the stress out of the hard-final years of the vet degree and sets them up for a positive approach to their careers. 'Paying it forward' is our philology when it comes to educating the profession and it is lovely when students appreciate our efforts. Here is what some of University of Queensland students have to say about their experience with us:

Dear Dr Reardon
Thank you for providing work experience placement for University of Queensland, veterinary science students during 2018 at Warwick Vet Clinic. We know their learning experience was positive based on the feedback provided from students on their experience - congratulations:

· I got to practice my animal handling skills and improved on my catheter placing and blood collection skills. I enjoyed being so hands on with the patients and getting to help with consultations

· Clinicians are extremely encouraging. They were extremely willing to allow me to assist. They do ask your opinions about cases and suggest various methods of treatment as well. Vets were extremely thorough with their cases as well. Good exposure to mixed animal practice. Support staffs were extremely lovely & encouraging as well.

· Staff are very friendly and welcoming, always try to get student involved and very encouraging. Well-equipped clinic, very supporting environment - kind of clinic I would want to work when I graduate. I was able to see and get involved in good variety of cases, both large and small animals. Finishing off the last day with cow caesarian was pretty awesome too. One of my favourite EMS.

· I was given many opportunities to attempt many procedures such as bull breeding soundness exam, pregnancy testing in cows, cat Spey, and many more. All the staff were friendly and supportive. Good case load. Clean and organized practice, it's a very good placement location.

Thank you!

Student rotations administration officer
School of Veterinary Science | The University of Queensland | Gatton Queensland 4343 | Australia