Communication training a key part of clinic success

November 20, 2018

To improve our skills in communication, the team at Warwick Vet Clinic recently invested in a Consultation Communication Intelligence Program with the Crampton Consulting Group. The course focused on how to improve our client’s experiences when they come into the clinic; how we can better understand their concerns and how we can develop a treatment plan which best suits our patient’s needs.

‘Customer service is an important skill which we value and one which we are committed to continue to improve’, said vet nurse Avril Brown. ‘Understanding our clients concerns and addressing our patients needs are fundamental to delivering the high standards of care which are a vital part of our clinic’s success over nearly 70 years’.

During the course, staff learnt how to better manage client expectations, examine difference communication techniques and looked at the different styles in which people learn and how they take in information.

‘Thanks to Tania from CCG who facilitated the day and helped us focus on optimal client and patient outcomes’, Avril added. Success in vet practice is about building relationships for our clients and their pets. These relationships must be built on a trust, integrity and mutual respect, which all starts with effective communication.