Clinic wins Rodeo Street Parade Award

November 8, 2018

This week Southern Downs Regional Council Mayor Tracy Dobbie presented the clinic with the first prize trophy for winning Best Business & Commercial section in the John Dee Warwick Rodeo Street Parade. Our float, put together by the enthusiastic team of nurses, promoted our ‘Pet Taxi and Home Care Service’ and consisted of a hydrobath and bubble making machine along with dog kennel on top of our Pet Taxi.

‘All the staff were excited to take part’, said Practice Manager Tessa Sissman. ‘We enjoyed handing out free samples, balloons and pet treats to the scores of communities on lookers on the day. We couldn’t be happier how it turned out!’

At the Warwick Vet Clinic, we continue to look for ways to improve our service offerings to clients. We understand that getting a large dog or fast-moving cat to the clinic can be a challenge or having time to collect pet supplies can be difficult. So, to help our clients, we now offer a ‘Pet Taxi and Home Care Service’; picking up patients and bringing them to one of our three well equipped locations at Warwick, Allora and Clifton. Food and pet supplies can also be delivered to homes, saving time in our client’s busy day.

‘The best part of the day was being involved in community events’, added Tessa. Next year the clinic will celebrate 70 years and we have reached this milestone by being connected to the people to this town. ‘Supporting events such as the Rodeo Parade is just another way, we can show the region how much we value their support and how we continue to look for ways to improve the services we offer, she said.