Keeping our staff safe at work

September 18, 2018

Constantly reviewing our Occupational Health and Workplace Safety (OH&S) procedures is important to ensure our staff are provided a safe work place to work. To test our practices, we recently participated in an Injury Prevention and Accident Management program (IPaM), which is a collaboration between Chamber of Commerce Queensland (CCIQ), Work Cover and the Office of Industrial Relations. The aim of IPaM is to help small and medium businesses (SME’s) like ours reduce workplace injuries and to improve their worker productivity.

‘The gains for our business in taking part in the program is that our staff now feel more supported, positive behaviours are reinforced and our insurance premium rates can be kept low or even reduced. Staff safety a key driver of our business success because at the end of the day, staff are our biggest asset’, said Dr Reardon

To promote our IPaM program success, we were invited last week to speak at a function in Toowoomba which examined ways small businesses manage the complexities of human resource, health and safety and injury management issues.

Key note speaker at the function was Theresa Moltoni who has over 25 years industry experience in human resources, industrial relations, employee relations and management. Theresa has gained an exceptional reputation throughout Queensland and Australia and is a Director of Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland and chairs the Workplace Relations Policy Council for the Australian Chamber of Commerce (ACCI).

Theresa spoke on contemporary issues facing small business including the findings and the consequences outlined in Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s recently-published report entitled “Enabling Safe and healthy Workplaces for Small Business”. In her presentation Theresa also reported on what compliance really means for modern small and medium size businesses, contemporary issues facing small business and impetus for change to improve health and safety of SMEs.

The Warwick Vet Clinic values a safe work place and wants to ensure our staff and our clients are given the best opportunity to minimise risks to their health and safety, both in the clinic and in the field.