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At the Warwick Vet Clinic, we understand our job is to provide the best veterinary care when you need it the most – when you’re animal is sick or injured. For over 60 years we have been providing professional animal care.


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Healthy animals are happy animals!
Our animals and pets provide us with many benefits including comfort and companionship. Research has shown that people who own animals are healthier and live longer.


Hendra Vaccine Available

Owners of horses competing at shows and pony clubs events should consider using this vaccine

It is very safe as it is only a glycoprotein cell wall extract and not a live virus

Any horse over four months of age is suitable

Horses require 2 doses 3 weeks apart
It is most effective way to stop the transmission of Hendra virus from flying foxes to horses and then to people.

Please call the clinic (4661 1105) to discuss the vaccine.

Can you afford not to use it?